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Join the Happy Seeker Community in Santa Marta, Colombia

Experience a month-long co-living adventure with like-minded people in beautiful Santa Marta. Relax and focus on work/school and adventure on your time off while enjoying our in-house amenities and workshops. Apply now for an unforgettable experience.

Made by : Natalia

Made by : Natalia

Benefits of Co-Living
  • Grow your professional network by meeting and socializing with people from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

  • Get inspired and gain new perspectives by sharing ideas and collaborating

  • Save money on rent and adventure by splitting the costs with other members.

  • Accountability and Productivity. Surrounding yourself with motivated individuals can help you stay focused, set goals, and maintain productivity in your work or studies.

  • Enjoy a sense of community and reduce feelings of isolation while traveling or working remotely. This promotes mental and personal growth.

About the Experience:

Private and shared rooms are availible. There are 7 bedrooms & 9 bathrooms. The villa has a style reminiscent of the beautiful Tuscan cities in its rooms and a Miami-style in social areas not forgetting the folklore of Santa Marta and the Caribbean. Located in a safe and quiet neighborhood. Ideal place for focus and relaxation while being close to everything.

About the Villa

Meet and hang out with other house members in the spacious 3 Story Villa. Complete with a private pool, fully equipped large indoor kitchen, outdoor grill kitchen, multiple living rooms and spaces to read and chill, a rooftop with a jacuzzi, in door and out door work/dining table and more!

Common Areas

The perfect location for digital nomads who love to travel. With its stunning Caribbean coast, beaches, & nearby mountains, it offers endless outdoor adventures. The city has a vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, roaring nightlife & bustling markets. Its proximity to Tayrona National Park & the Lost City allows for weekend adventures. Digital nomads can balance work and travel in a captivating coastal paradise.

About Santa Marta

Pricing and Availability

Prices will range depending on factors such as: room type, occupation, nationality, and whether you are a past happy seeker member. Please apply for full info

Monthly Price

Price includes accommodation in Villa (2 ppl/room), high-speed wifi, utilities, a villa butler (will help order taxis, food, any local questions), cleaning, 24/7 security, weekly workouts and workshops . Stay fit and healthy with our workout classes, ranging from yoga to boot camp. As well as learn new skills and network with like-minded people through our weekly workshops on topics such as digital marketing, business and personal development.


Private rooms are also available but for a higher price. Space is limited, so apply soon to secure your spot. Acceptance will be based on the application filled. We are looking for ambitious students, entrepreneurs, content creators, creatives of any type to join us in an adventure of living in community and learning from each other.

Weekend Adventures


A hidden gem in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Rent a bike and explore the scenic roads, visit a coffee farm, or spend the day at a waterfall or some natural pools.

Tayrona National Park

Just a short drive from our co-living house is Tayrona National Park. Filled with lush rainforests perfect for hiking. As well as Crystal clear blue water for snorkeling or scuba diving with incredible biodeversity.

The Lost City

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Lost City, an ancient archaeological site nestled deep in the Colombian jungle. Hike through the stunning landscape and discover the fascinating history of this mysterious civilization.